MUM! I’m On The TV!!!

Today was the day I made my TV debut. After staying up far too late prepping with the Debut Team, today was the day that we were LIVE on BBC Breakfast, with Ben Thompson, telling millions of viewers about Debut’s #FightForFeedback campaign. I mean – we were literally in the living rooms of millions of people telling them about this!

What an experience it was! From sitting in hair and makeup getting dolled up like I’m about to hit the town, to sitting nervously in the green room awaiting our call through to the studio to sit with Ben Thompson in the business pod. All of it was absolutely amazing. And what’s more, is I was actually speaking about something I really care about. Like REALLY care about!


Last week I was asked to be the “face” of the campaign due to the fact that I was frantically sharing – like I always try to do- the news that Debut had launched the #FightForFeedback campaign. I was so enthusiastic that someone was finally going to question employers and make them see how many people out there really want their feedback after a rejection from a face-to-face interview.

So many of us prep for hours and hour for our job interviews, as we want to make sure we absolutely nail it when we walk through the door. But, if we don’t do as well as we had hoped, the feedback is absolutely essential. I really do think that if you have made it in front of the employer the least they can do is tell you why you didn’t get the role. It is key for confidence, application strength and, most importantly, personal development.

I am so glad that I was asked to speak out about this – even though I do think I sound like I have THE POSHEST voice in the world when I looked back at the interview from this morning. But seriously, it has been something I am glad to have my name on as not getting feedback is something that has affected so many of us and I hope that being able to air my personal frustrations with the current system will have an impact and maybe bring about some sort of change!

Love Monique x

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